Picking Out a Dress . 07/16/2019

I lived in LA for a few years, and therefore, I inherently have a passion for fashion.

I'm going to a good friend's wedding in a few days with my girlfriend. The bride and groom announced their expectant guest attire to be "desert chic". My girlfriend expressed some concern. Hence my passion for fashion, I offered to send ideas.

I suppose when you go to weddings, folks that go together can attempt to coordinate. I made this difficult for her by picking my outfit first. I figured I might as well superimpose a bunch of dresses with a picture of my outfit in Photoshop to help consider options. I then took screen captures and texted them to her. It was not helpful...


First photo I sent. This was a rebound after learning I couldn't have the dresses in the next image shipped in time. I do love the yellow leopard though.


I wanted all of these, but again, they wouldn't make it on time. These are from OSHOPLIVE. I didn't realize it at first but they are based in the UK and they wouldn't be able to reliably get the dresses to us on time.

The first image and all proceeding images are from LuLu's Fashion Lounge. They have next day fulfillment/shipping in the US.


I sent a lot of pictures. Finally a recap with basically all superimposed dresses/models present.


I didn't care for any of the dresses in particular at the end. I liked them all, but none stood out.

But then I did one more pass through on LuLu's and I found the perfect dress. I didn't send a picture. It was obvious.

...will update post with photo when it arrives...

UPDATE - 7/25



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