Yaks . 06/09/2019

I spend a lot of time getting ready to do what I'd like to actually do. Especially with music. Probably because my musical goals are undefined; I have no idea what I actually want to do. But I know I should get ready for it. And when I'm finished getting ready, I imagine it's going to be awesome.

I faithfully flail and build a future situation for myself to sit down and create music. However, I find myself having difficulty transitioning from getting ready to actually doing. It's as if I enjoy preparing my ideal creativity scenario more than actually experiencing the scenario. I'm wondering if there have been times where I don't recognize when I'm done preparing. Times when I should start creating. But instead I keep preparing.

"Yak Shaving" is a favorite term of mine. It's painfully and joyfully relatable. It's when you perform actions to get ready, but then just keep preparing after you're all ready and good. Perhaps readiness is a relative term, but there comes a time where the value of your preparation depreciates.

There's two sides of it because it can be beneficial - you're essentially sharpening your tools. It's detrimental because you're not doing what you've ultimately set out to do.

I do this in my professional life too. Usually tinkering with my dot files.

I recorded and posted a video on Instagram tonight feeling like I should stop yak shaving and play music. I like the outcome, but it's sloppy. I could have spent my yak shave thinking of something more thoughtful. But perhaps that wouldn't have gotten me anywhere. It doesn't matter now. I'm grateful to have created something.

The synth sounds are real bizarre - definitely the best part. Tempi, Rene playing a DPO. 2HP drum sounds played by Marbles. Guitar running through a 4MS delay and a Benson Monarch (not pictured). Maths doing things on the DPO FM bus index and the delay time and reverse.

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